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Organizations that have endorsed Scott:

Menlo Park Education Association (Teachers' association; CTA/NEA)

Locally elected officials who have endorsed Scott:

Warren Slocum, President, County of San Mateo Board of Supervisors

Don Horsley, Vice President, County of San Mateo Board of Supervisors

Adrienne Tissier, Supervisor, County of San Mateo Board of Supervisors

Joe Simitian, Former California State Assemblymember; Supervisor, County of Santa Clara Board of Supervisors

Ted Lempert, Former California State Assemblymember; Trustee, San Mateo County Board of Education

Joe Ross, Vice President, San Mateo County Board of Education

Rod Hsiao, Trustee, San Mateo County Board of Education

Allen Weiner, Trustee, Sequoia Union High School District

Chris Thomsen, Trustee Sequoia Union High School District

Olivia Martinez, Former Trustee, Sequoia Union High School District

Gordon Lewin, Former Trustee, Sequoia Union High School District; Former Trustee, Menlo Park City School District

Jeffrey Child, Trustee, Menlo Park City School District

Maria Hilton, Trustee, Menlo Park City School District

Stacey Jones, Trustee, Menlo Park City School District

Terry Thygesen, Trustee, Menlo Park City School District

Laura Rich, Former Trustee, Menlo Park City School District

Deborah Fitz, Former Trustee, Menlo Park City School District

Mark Box, Former TrusteeMenlo Park City School District 

Rich Ginn, Trustee, Los Lomitas Elementary School District 

Kirsten Keith, Mayor Pro Tem, City of Menlo Park

Ray Mueller, Councilmember, City of Menlo Park

Catherine Carlton, Councilmember, City of Menlo Park

Gerry Andeen, Former Mayor, Menlo Park

Rob Silano, President, Menlo Park Fire Protection District

Sandie Arnott, San Mateo County Treasurer-Tax Collector 

Carlos G. Bolanos, Sheriff, San Mateo County

Greg Munks, Retired Sheriff, San Mateo County

Juan Raigoza, Controller, San Mateo County

Community members who have endorsed Scott:

Katherine Strehl, Chair, Planning Commission, City of Menlo Park

Katie Ferrick, Former Encinal PTO President, Former Planning Commissioner, City of Menlo Park

Kate Kennedy, President, MPCSD District Council; Former Hillview PTO Co-President; Former Encinal PTO Exec Board Member

Elizabeth Ouren, Current Hillview Site Council President, Former District Council Co-President, Former Encinal PTO President

Ken Wang, Laurel PTO Board and MPCSD District Council Member, past Hillview PTO Board Member  

Bill Thompson, Encinal Parent; Former MPAEF Board member

Joe La Cava, Laurel PTO President

Michelle Box, Hillview PTO Executive Board

Wendy Horton, Parent, 2014-2016 Laurel PTO President

Tricia Barr, Parent; Measure W Bond Co-Chair, 2013; District Council, 2011-2015; Former Encinal and Hillview Site Councils

Patty Boettcher, Parent of former Laurel, Encinal, and Hillview students, former board member of MPAEF, former PTA president

Tito and Cameron Bianchi, Residents

George Shaheen, Resident

Gina Ryan, Hillview Parent, Past Encinal and Laurel PTO

Ellen Kitamura, Community Volunteer, Parent, Grand Parent

Kathleen Weisenberg, Community Volunteer

Caryn Wasserstein, Laurel Parent, Past PTO and MPAEF Board Member

Jeff Bird, Resident

Carolyn Feamster, Resident

Ashley Montulli, Parent

Nancy Rankin, Former Science Teacher, Menlo Park City School District

Ann Edwards, Parent; Laurel Site Council; Director of Learning and Teaching, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching

Marla Bischoff, Laurel and Hillview Parent

Vic Vuchic, Parent and former Chair of Encinal Site Council; Chief Innovation Officer at Digital Promise Global

Whitney Hoermann, Parent; Laurel Site Council; Past Encincal Site Council; Teacher, Sequoia Union HS District 

Nick Naclerio, Resident

Devleena Shivakumar, Parent, Laurel Site Council

James Loftus, Parent, Laurel Site Council

Veronica Kogler, Laurel Parent

Meg Garlinghouse, Laurel Parent

Mathai Mammen, SVP Research in Oncology, Immunology, Cardiorenal and Metabolic disease, Merck

Jeremy Caldwell, Executive Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer at Ardelyx, Inc.

Stephanie Virag, Laurel Parent

Michele Barry, Owner and Teacher, Our School Young Five's and Aftercare Program

Molly Golbon, Laurel parent, Girl Scout Leader, Apple Inc. 

Lisa Earnhardt, Las Lomitas Parent and Volunteer, CEO of Menlo Park-based company, Intersect ENT 

Lisa Lajous, Parent; Past Laurel PTO and MPAEF

Jeff Weinstock, President, Trimark Economy Restaurant Fixtures

Anthony Enerio, Parent

Kristin Cashin, Realtor, Pacific Union

Keri Nicholas, Realtor, Alain Pinel

Billy McNair, Real Estate Broker, McNair Group at Coldwell Banker

Jeanne Wangsness, Realtor, Coldwell Banker

David Weisenberg, Physician, Retired 

Rob Noravian, Encinal Parent

Lauren Cardillo-Geller, Parent, Social Worker

Adam Geller, Laurel Parent

David Andeen, Director, Reference Designs at Maxim Integrated

Lori Callaghan, Parent

Greg Mills, Parent

Gabriel Stewart, Teacher, Los Altos High School

Amy Torre, Encinal Parent

Darren Torre, Encinal Parent

Stephanie Jones, Retired School Principal

Yee-Yie Fogarty, Radiation Oncologist, Kaiser Permanente

Patrick Fogarty, Parent

Peter MacGregor, Resident

Doug Willbanks, Encinal Parent; CTO, RadCloud Consulting

Lori Willbanks, Encinal Parent and PTO, Global Sales Onboading Leader Equinix

Greg Alden, Parent

Wendy Adams, Parent

Rachel Glebov, Laurel Parent 

Andrey Glebov, Laurel Parent

Willie Quinn, La Entrada/MA Parent and CEO, Bullet Biotechnology

Chris Pfaff, Encinal Parent

Patricia Lopez-Jaramillo, Laurel Parent

Thomas Jaramillo, Laurel Parent

Sara E Filipek, Laurel and Encinal Parent; Independent Consultant

Eric Filipek, Laurel and Encinal Parent; Kennet Partners  

Susu Ribaudo, Parent

Anne Marie Schar, Parent

Sarah Cueva, Pediatrician, Burgess Pediatrics

Steven Kirchner, Parent

Meredith Stapp-Ozbil, Parent; Local Business Owner

Kelly Parisi, Laurel Parent

Ryan Williams, Laurel Parent; Head of UXAudi

Darren Cunningham, Resident

Brian Henry, Parent

Adam Fless, Parent, Director at KKR Capstone

Allison Virsik, Parent

Peter Virsik, Executive Vice President & COO, ESSA Pharmaceuticals

Marianne Cooper, Parent; Author; Sociologist, Stanford University

Erika Vial-Monteverdi, MBA, Parent, & Business Strategy Consultant 

Frederic Vial

Robyn Packouz

Lorraine Ryan, Parent, Grand parent

David Stearns

Britt Packouz, VP Senior Account Director, BBDO 

Barbara Berman, Parent

Sheila Cooper, Parent; Grand Parent

Talmadge Cooper, Parent; Grand Parent

123 endorsements

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