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Locally elected officials who have endorsed Scott:

Warren Slocum, District 4 Supervisor, County of San Mateo Board of Supervisors

Don Horsley, District 3 Supervisor, County of San Mateo Board of Supervisors

Ted Lempert, Former California State Assemblymember; Trustee, San Mateo County Board of Education

Rod Hsiao, Trustee, San Mateo County Board of Education

Chris Thomsen, Trustee Sequoia Union High School District

Olivia Martinez, Former Trustee, Sequoia Union High School District

Gordon Lewin, Former Trustee, Sequoia Union High School District; Former Trustee, Menlo Park City School District

Joan Lambert, Trustee, Menlo Park City School District

Terry Thygesen, Trustee and President, Menlo Park City School District

Jeffrey Child, Former Trustee, Menlo Park City School District

Maria Hilton, Former Trustee, Menlo Park City School District

Laura Rich, Former Trustee, Menlo Park City School District

Mark Box, Former TrusteeMenlo Park City School District 

Ray Mueller, Mayor Pro Tem, City of Menlo Park

Kirsten Keith, Councilmember, City of Menlo Park

Gerry Andeen, Former Mayor, Menlo Park

Rob Silano, President, Menlo Park Fire Protection District

Carlos G. Bolanos, Sheriff, San Mateo County


Community members who have endorsed Scott:

Katherine Strehl, Planning Commission, City of Menlo Park

Katie Ferrick, Former Encinal PTO President, Former Planning Commissioner, City of Menlo Park

Elizabeth Ouren, Former Hillview Site Council President, Former District Council Co-President, Former Encinal PTO President

Patty and Jim Boettcher, Former Laurel, Encinal, and Hillview parents. Past PTA president of Laurel and Encinal. Past MPAEF board member

Michelle Box, Hillview PTO Executive Board

Amy Coolican, Parent, Co-President MPAEF Executive Board

Stacy Wueste, Parent, Co-President MPAEF Executive Board; Co-Chair Measure X Parcel Tax Campaign

Reed Moulds, Parent, MPAEF Executive Board member

Ben Wang, Laurel Parent; MPAEF Board Member; Laurel PTO

Liliana Perazich, Parent, MPAEF Board Member, Co-Chair Measure X Parcel Tax Campaign

Katie Rottier, Laurel Parent; MPEAF Board Member; Laurel PTO

Evan Herberts, Laurel Parent; MPAEF Board Member

Ken Wang, MPCSD District Council Member, past Laurel and Hillview PTO Board Member

Bill Thompson, Encinal Parent; Former MPAEF Board member

Joe La Cava, Parent; Former Laurel PTO President

Tricia Barr, Parent; Measure W Bond Co-Chair, 2013; District Council, 2011-2015; Former Encinal and Hillview Site Councils

Tamara Russel, Oak Knoll Parent; Co-Chair Measure X Parcel Tax Campaign

Caryn Wasserstein, Laurel Parent; Laurel PTO Board; Past MPAEF Board Member

Gina Ryan, Hillview Parent, Past Encinal and Laurel PTO

Beth Chopra, Laurel Parent; Past Laurel PTO Board; MPAEF Board Member

Wendy Horton, Parent, 2014-2016 Laurel PTO President; Menlo Park City School District Council

Amy Kuhns, Encinal Parent, Past Encinal PTO Executive Board Member

Devleena Shivakumar, Scientist; Laurel upper and lower parent, Laurel site council member

Marijane Leonard, Encinal Parent; Former Encinal School Site Council President

Doug Willbanks, Hillview and Encinal Parent; CTO, RadCloud Consulting

Cameron and Tito Bianchi, Residents

Elizabeth MillerLa Petite Ecole Française de SF; Grandparent of MPCSD students

Jeff Bird, Resident

Ellen Kitamura, Community Volunteer, Parent, Grand Parent

Kathleen Weisenberg, Community Volunteer

Meg Garlinghouse, Laurel Parent

Nick Naclerio, Resident

Marla Bischoff, Laurel and Hillview Parent

Carolyn Feamster, Resident

Rob Noravian, Encinal Parent

Jen Noravian, Encinal Parent, Encinal PTO

Keri Nicholas, Realtor, Alain Pinel

Kristin Cashin, Realtor, Pacific Union

Veronica Kogler, Laurel Parent; MPAEF Board Member; Realtor, Coldwell Banker

Caitlin Darke, Parent; Realtor, Alain Pinel

Jeanne Wangsness, Realtor, Coldwell Banker

Amy Torre, Encinal Parent

Darren Torre, Encinal Parent

Curt Herberts, Laurel Parent

Chris Kuhns, Encinal Parent

Yee-Yie Fogarty, Parent; Radiation Oncologist, Kaiser Permanente

Patrick Fogarty, Parent

Jennifer Bestor, Parent

Ryan Williams, Laurel Parent

David Weisenberg, Physician, Retired 

Anne Marie Schar, Laurel Parent

Brian Schar, Laurel Parent

Mark Ryan, Hillview Parent

Kelly Parisi, Laurel Parent

Rachel Glebov, Laurel Parent 

Andrey Glebov, Laurel Parent

Marianne Cooper, Parent; Author; Sociologist, Stanford University

Sheila Cooper, Parent; Grand Parent

Talmadge Cooper, Parent; Grand Parent

78 endorsements

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